Why being thoughtful with design goes a long way.

I was both intrigued and inspired by this TED Talk from Elise Roy, who talks about how her disability of being Deaf has helped to solve a range issues in the world in relation to design.

View Elise’s talk and then read on…

I love Elise’s approach to design, which seems to have gone through an exceptional thought process of gauging the user experience in order to achieve ultimate accessibility.

Elise’s disability has given her the opportunity to really think outside the box and consider how a wide range of consumers interpret design as a whole.

Most of us know that good design isn’t just making something that looks great - behind good design is a process of thought that leads to substance, purpose and function. When these elements are considered carefully, design becomes more meaningful and tends to reach more people.

If we approach design with greater consideration for how others will interpret it - whether they are disabled or not - we’re on the way to a building a more inclusive, more engaging society.

Congratulations Elise, your idea is definitely worth spreading!